Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Here you will find electric golf buggy warranty information for Autocaddy, MGI and Motocaddy.

Autocaddy Warranty Information

We are proud of our product and its reliability. Our warranty reflects the confidence we have in the product.

Any failure occurring in normal use within 2 years, (or 200 rounds of golf, whichever comes first), from the date of purchase will be rectified free of charge by repair or replacement of the relevant component part, subject to delivery of the faulty machine to our premises or the premises of an authorised service agent.

Battery warranty is as provided by the battery manufacturer and is based on replacement in the event that the measured capacity is determined to be less than 60% of original specification.

This warranty excludes repairs required as a result of:

  • Application of external force.
  • Partial or complete immersion.
  • Attempted repair by unauthorised persons.
  • Fusion of motor or electronics through overload.
  • Normal wear and tear (e.g. tyres, upholstery, paintwork)
  • Minor appearance defects which bear no effect on the operation of the unit and are considered by the manufacturer to be within the accepted standards.

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MGI Warranty Information

Follow this link to find warranty information for MGI Golf.

Motocaddy Warranty Information

Follow this link to find warranty information for Motocaddy.

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