How To: Golf Buggy Maintenance
Simple golf buggy maintenance can prolong the life of your golf buggy and prevent minor issues becoming major problems

How To: Golf Buggy Maintenance

A working golf buggy is a major part of your golfing equipment so proper care and maintenance is key to keeping your golf buggy working. There is simple maintenance to prevent minor issues becoming major problems later down the track. Here are a few of these maintenance techniques to keep your golf buggy at peak performance:

Golf Buggy Cleaning

To extend the life of your golf buggy, we recommend keeping it as clean as possible. Firstly no one likes the the look of a dirty buggy and secondly less dirt and dust will clog moving parts reducing their life.

  • Wipe down your buggy with a clean cloth or rag and some WD40 or CRC
  • Do not use a water or high pressure hose to clean your buggy as this can cause parts to rust
  • Brush sand and dried grass from buggy wheels to keep them clean
  • Clean out the battery base when the battery is removed

Rear Wheel and Axle Maintenance

The rear wheel stub axles need to be lubricated regularly to prevent the wheels from rusting onto the axle. Remove the rear wheels using the release clip and pull at the same time. Apply a small amount of grease or petroleum jelly to the axle. Hillside Buggies uses and recommends Kincrome General Purpose Grease available at Bunnings. If you play in sandy conditions it is recommended you clean and regrease you axles every fortnight.

Mgi zip x5 electric golf buggy on golf course

Buggy Alignment

Sometimes your golf buggy may not go in a straight line on flat surfaces but there are ways to fix this. If your electric golf buggy has a fixed front wheel, there should an adjustment lever or screws along the front wheel – refer to your user manual for instructions.

If you have a remote control golf buggy, mainly MGI or Motocaddy, then you can trim the motors to realign the tracking. This can be difficult so please refer to your product manual for instructions.

At Hillside Buggies we can fix many alignment issues at our Wangara service centre.

Battery Maintenance

Your lithium golf battery is the most important part of you electric golf buggy, without a proper working battery you just have a push cart. There are a few instructions on how to keep your golf battery in working condition:

  • Recharge your battery after every round, even if you have played only 9 holes
  • Keep your battery in a cool, dry location to prevent water damage or rust
  • Check the battery leads and connections are in working condition

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