Motocaddy Drink Holder


  • Holds cans and bottles with ease
  • Easily attached to buggy
  • Swings with angle of buggy
Frequently bought together…
Motocaddy M1 M5 M7 Drink Holder
+Motocaddy M Series Score Card Holder accessory
+Motocaddy M Series Umbrella Holder accessory
Motocaddy M1 M5 M7 Drink Holder
This item: Motocaddy Drink Holder $35.00 $35.00

The Motocaddy drink holder is compatible with the M and S Series electric golf buggies.

Available accessories

Other accessories available at Hillside Buggies for the Motocaddy M series electric golf buggies include scorecard holder, umbrella holder, deluxe seat and device cradle.



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