MGI Zip 380Wh Lithium Battery

MGI Zip 380Wh lithium battery is designed for 36 holes of golf on most courses. Used to replace the lithium battery on your MGI Zip Navigator or as an upgrade on your MGI Zip X1, X3 or X5 electric golf buggy.

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MGI Zip 380Wh Lithium Battery is designed for 36 holes. This battery comes standard on the MGI Zip Navigator and Navigator AT electric golf buggies. It is available as an upgrade on the MGI Zip X1, X3 and X5 electric golf buggies.

Compatible with the MGI Zip X1X3,  X5 and Navigator electric golf buggies.

If you are looking for an 18 hole battery that is compatible with your MGI Zip electric golf buggy, then the 250Wh Lithium Battery will do the trick.


Lithium – 36 Hole