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Advantages of Lithium Golf Batteries

Lithium golf batteries (or LiFePO4 batteries) have been around for a while now on electric golf buggies, but until recently have been quite expensive. Most brands now including MGI Golf, Autocaddy, Motocaddy  and  Powakaddy come standard with lithium ion batteries. But not only can you get a lithium battery for a new golf buggy, there are suppliers providing them for older buggies by running on the same voltage as a lead acid  battery.

Below is a breakdown of the advantages of a lithium golf battery over their lead acid counterparts:

Greater Life Expectancy

The main advantage of a lithium battery is the life expectancy. Whilst a lead acid battery will last around 300 cycles, a lithium battery can last up to 5000 cycles, meaning over the life of the battery a lithium is more cost effect per round of golf. Lithium batteries are maintenance free and have the benefit of a control board built in, thus ensuring worry free golfing.

Light Weight

Another advantage is in the weight of the battery. A lithium battery weights on average 5 times less than a similar amp-hour lead acid battery. This makes it easier to lift making it easier to transport to other golf courses. The lighter weight also puts less strain on your buggy and therefore less wear and tear over time. This will improve the life of your buggy and mean less repairs will be required.

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