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Australian Made Electric Golf Buggies

Are you looking to buy an Australian made electric golf buggy? In previous years, Australian made electric golf trolleys were quite common including brands such as Teemate and Autocaddy. But the rise in labour and material costs within Australia, has seen most electric golf brands take their manufacturing offshore.

The shift in taking Australian electric golf buggy manufacturing offshore is largely due to the need to be globally competitive. Trying to compete with overseas electric golf buggy brands on price and quality has become increasingly important.

Australian electric golf brands, including MGI Golf and Autocaddy have taken their manufacturing offshore but remain popular among golfers the world over. This is due in part to brand loyalty but mostly the manufacturing quality controls at their overseas factories.

 Autocaddy Breeze electric golf buggy on the golf course

Best Brands Available In Australia

Whilst no brands manufacture in Australia anymore, there is still a large range available for the average golfer. MGI Golf has by far the largest presence in Australia - being available in most golf stores and pro shops across the country. They are also backed by a well-stocked parts department and have dedicated service agents in most capital cities. MGI have been developing electric golf buggies for over 25 years including their popular Navigator series.

Motocaddy also have a large presence in Australia - with most golf stores stocking their latest M series buggies. Whilst they may not have a dedicated service agent in each city, they do have agreements with repair shops including Hillside Buggies.

Whilst the biggest brands are no longer manufactured in Australia, the quality of products are still extremely high. Many brands have had to move offshore to keep competive in price and quantity. So next time you are looking to purchase an electric golf buggy, make sure you do your research and ask questions.

Hillside Buggies have been operating for over 25 years in Australia and always have a stock of the latest electric golf buggies.

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